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360 Twin™ Twin Cam Fluid Change Kit with Black Filter


• 4 Quarts of 360 Twin® 20w50 Conventional Oil
• 1 Quart 80w90 Transmission Fluid
• 1 Quart Premium Primary Fluid
• 1 Drain plug O-ring
• 1 Black oil filter

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Our 360 Twin™ Twin Cam Fluid Change Kit with Black Filter – the ultimate all-in-one solution for your motorcycle fluid change needs. We understand the importance of using high-quality fluids in your motorcycle to ensure optimal performance and longevity, which is why we’ve created this comprehensive kit that covers all aspects of fluid changes – oil, transmission, and primary fluid.

360 Twin oil is a standout product, offering the best additives without the unnecessary hype. We take pride in delivering top-quality performance, which is why each kit contains 4 quarts of our premium blend 20w50 Conventional oil. This exceptional formula guarantees that your engine operates smoothly, maintains the ideal temperature, and minimizes wear and tear across a wide range of riding conditions.

The 360 Twin Conventional Fluid Change Kit also includes a quart of our 80w90 Transmission Fluid, a high-performance fluid that offers outstanding protection against wear, corrosion, and oxidation. Our transmission fluid is designed to keep your gears functioning seamlessly, reducing the likelihood of damage and extending the life of your transmission system.

We don’t compromise on quality when it comes to primary fluid either. Each kit contains a quart of our Premium Primary fluid, specifically formulated to provide superior lubrication and heat dissipation in the primary drive system. This top-grade fluid ensures smooth clutch operation and helps maintain the performance and durability of your primary components.

A high-quality oil filter is a critical component of any fluid change, which is why our kit includes a sleek black filter that not only looks great but also provides optimum protection for your engine. This filter effectively removes contaminants and debris from your engine oil, ensuring that your engine stays clean and free from harmful particles.

Attention to detail is key, and that’s why our 360 Twin Conventional Fluid Change kits come with a new oil seal ring for each drain plug. These rings create a secure seal, preventing any leaks and guaranteeing a clean, mess-free fluid change process.

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