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360 Twin™ Skull Derby Cover


• Beautiful forged derby cover is polished and chrome plated
• This derby cover features a unique plug so you can change your primary fluid without taking the whole derby cover off. No more stripped primary covers, no more hassle!
• Gasket for installation is not included (see part#160-1018)
• See part 180-1021 for matching timing cover

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The 360 Twin™ Skull Derby Cover, a great addition to the world of motorcycle accessories that combines functionality, convenience, and style. This derby cover is the first of its kind to feature a fill plug, eliminating the need to remove the entire cover every time you need to change your primary fluid. This unique design saves you time and effort while also preventing the wear and tear that can result from repeatedly removing and reinstalling the cover.

The Skull Derby Cover boasts a distinctive design that features a stainless steel plug located at the top of the skull. This strategic placement allows you to easily fill your primary fluid without having to remove the derby cover. This innovative feature not only saves you time and effort during fluid changes but also helps to minimize the risk of stripping primary cover screws, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your motorcycle’s components.

Please note that the gasket is not included with the 360 Twin™ Skull Derby Cover. To complete the installation, you’ll need to purchase the gasket separately (see part #160-1018). This ensures a secure fit and helps prevent fluid leaks, further enhancing the performance and durability of your motorcycle.

To create a cohesive and striking appearance for your bike, matching timing covers (part #180-1021) and horn covers (part #170-1013) are also available. These accessories feature the same eye-catching skull design and high-quality materials, allowing you to create a truly unique and customized look for your motorcycle.

The 360 Twin™ Skull Derby Cover is not only a practical and convenient solution for changing your primary fluid but also a stylish addition to your motorcycle. The skull motif adds a touch of edginess and personality, setting your bike apart from the rest and showcasing your individual style.

Upgrade your bike with this innovative accessory and experience the difference for yourself.

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