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Motorcycle Workshop & Transport Securing your motorcycle for transport but also makes a great addition to your garage. It allows you to do oil changes and other general maintenance without the need to line up a rear stand. Save space in your garage by storing your motorcycle on the Trackside Chock year around.

In addition, Our Motorcycle Workshop & Transport have a very extensive range of ‘Special Tools’ that are used professionally by our technicians. Because we are an officially authorized H-D dealer, we enjoy the advantage that if problems do arise that we have never seen before, we can always rely on the technical support team from Harley-Davidson, both nationally and internationally.

Not only do our mechanics work expertly, neatly and accurately, their passion for motorcycles is enormous and they attend H-D University every year and are therefore always aware of the latest developments. The place where we make your dreams come true, an art workshop on two wheels. This is the place where design, old tools, the latest technology and above all passion come together to produce custom bikes with their own soul and style, without forgetting to provide the best possible performance and functionality.


The 360 Twin Socket style oil filter wrench makes changing your oil quick and easy. The special cut-out allows for clearance of the cam sensor. Use with a standard 3/8 ratchet.


This 360 Twin primary lock tool holds the primary gear so you can adjust the torque. Made from a durable nylon material, this is a must have for any mechanic. Motorcycle Workshop & Transport offers you professional service