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Upgrading Your Motorcycle Lighting

360 Twin™ has a selection of hand-picked aftermarket motorcycle lighting products that look good and perform great. It has evolved over the last decade and replacing some of the original OEM lights on older bikes can not only add some style to your bike, but it can greatly improve your visibility and your safety.

Motorcycle Headlights

Your motorcycle headlight is more than just a part on your bike. Your motorcycle headlight is a part that has to function and is imperative to your safety. Even in the daylight, motorcycle headlights need to function in order to help other drivers notice motorcyclists on the road. Halogen headlights have been a standard in the motorcycle industry for years and are still used in production of new motorcycles today. There have been innovations with LED replacement motorcycle light bulbs that have given the motorcyclist an option for lighting up the road. These LED replacement bulbs offer superior lighting while producing less heat. They also pull less amps from the electrical system are more vibration resistant than standard halogen light bulbs. These LED motorcycle replacement bulbs are a great improvement over standard halogen lighting options.

Motorcycle Turn Signals

360 Twin™ carries a variety of motorcycle turn signals in both incandescent and LED versions to help you improve the style and function of your standard OEM turn signals. Nothing is worse than having a customized motorcycle equipped with the ugly OEM turn signals and hardware. Most of the motorcycle turn signals that come standard on the bikes are big and bulky. 360 Twin has a selection of LED aftermarket motorcycle turn signals and brackets that will not only look good, but provide improved lighting and longevity.

Motorcycle Brake Lights

Your motorcycle brake light is the indicator to the motorist behind you that keeps you from getting hit from behind. Making sure that your motorcycle brake light is functioning and bright enough to be seen from a distance is important for your safety. 360 Twin™ has a selection replacement rear motorcycle brake lights that will help improve the look of your bike. We also carry replacement rear brake lenses and hardware so you can achieve the perfect look and function you desire.