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Motorcycle Handlebars and Controls

Your motorcycle’s handlebars and controls are the connection between you and your bike. Making sure everything works properly and is comfortable for your style of riding is key to enjoying your ride. There are many different styles of bikes that have certain characteristics we all have become familiar with. You may like to ride with drag handlebars on your Harley Davidson® motorcycle because it gives you a more direct connection with the bike with some enhanced feel and control. You may like ape hanger handlebars with antique style grips and short handlebar risers. It doesn’t matter if you like riding your motorcycle with your feet up and your hands in the air, or you prefer more of a standard riding position. We have the motorcycle handlebars and accessories needed to get you comfortable.

Motorcycle Handlebars

360 Twin™ carries a selection of the common choices in handlebars. All our motorcycle handlebars are fashioned from high-quality steel and chrome plated or painted for a durable finish. We carry drag style motorcycle handlebars for those dirt tracker or café style builds, and we carry a selection of Ape hangers for those choppers out there. All our motorcycle handlebars work perfectly with our selection of handlebar risers and clamps so you can get the perfect position that enables you to have good comfort and control.

Handlebar Control Kits

Your motorcycle handlebar controls are exactly as the name implies. These are the items that allow you to control the front brakes and the clutch on your bike. 360 Twin™ has a selection of chrome handlebar control kits that will allow you to replace those OEM controls. These motorcycle handlebar control kits come complete with a clutch lever and clamp and a front brake master cylinder. We also carry replacement front brake master cylinders that come complete with chrome levers and clamps. Replace those ugly worn out oem controls and add some style to the front of your bike.  At 360 Twin™ we want to help you to get the look and feel you want. Being comfortable on your bike is key to enjoying your ride. Let 360 Twin™ help you get the most out of your ride time.