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Motorcycle Brake Pads

When you are riding a motorcycle there are few things more important to your safety than your motorcycle brakes. Your motorcycle brakes are the one item on your bike that has to work properly every single time you use them. If your brakes fail the results can be catastrophic. Keeping your brake system in top condition is a must if you enjoy riding your motorcycle. At 360 Twin™ we have a selection of premium Motorcycle Brake Pads and components to keep your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle performing like it should. We carry a full selection of Organic and Sintered Brake Pads made with premium compounds without the premium price. Our 360 Twin™ Motorcycle Brake Pads provide excellent stopping power and feel. If you need brake pads give our 360 Twin™ motorcycle brake pads a try. They are sure to build your confidence while riding without draining your wallet.

Organic Motorcycle Brake Pads 

Organic brake pads are commonly the pads that most manufactures deliver their bikes with. Organic brake pads offer a more controlled feel and a smooth engagement. Our 360 Twin™ Organic Brake Pads are constructed with carbon and graphite components. These compounds provide excellent stopping power with a smooth feel. Organic brake pads are great for riders who like to cruise and don’t find themselves getting too aggressive on the road.

Sintered Brake Pads      

Sintered brake pads are commonly found on high-performance motorcycles. They provide aggressive stopping power in a variety of riding conditions. Sintered motorcycle pads are constructed from semi-metallic and ceramic compounds. When you apply the brakes, you will immediately feel a difference compared to organic motorcycle brake pads. If you like to ride aggressively from time to time, sintered brake pads are a good choice for you. Whatever riding style you have check out 360 Twin™ motorcycle brake pads. We have a full selection of organic and sintered brake pads available for your Harley Davidson® motorcycle.