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Motorcycle Oil Facts vs Fiction

Motorcycle oil is a subject that everyone has an opinion on. Similar to politics, many of these opinions are developed from rumors vs facts. Some people say this oil is the best vs that oil simply because they saw a commercial that tells them the oil is better. When you are selling a product that people don’t fully understand, some creative marketing can go a long way. 20 years working in the motorcycle industry and I can tell you that seeing an engine failure due to oil performance…is rare these days. Really rare! The objective is to discern fact vs fiction, so you know what products to choose and have a real understanding of why you are choosing them.

Motorcycle Oil Additives

One of the main factors that differentiates one oil from another is the type and amount of additives that have been added to the oil. These additives give the final motorcycle oil product the ability to do a good job protecting your engine. There are only a handful of refineries producing the vast majority of products available to the US consumer. The additives and the marketing are what determines the cost and the properties of the motor oil you use.

High Priced Motorcycle Oils

There are a lot of oils out there on the market making claims about the amount of protection they can provide your motorcycle engine. Spending a little extra money to get a decent oil in your engine is a good idea. Spending an exuberant amount of money on an oil that will protect your engine in a nuclear holocaust is a waste of money. The justification for the cost is usually by telling you to keep running the same old dirty oil for 20,000 + miles. This is not a good idea for most of us. There is a balance here that a lot of people miss. Motorcycle oil gets dirty. Your motorcycle oil filter has the job of keeping that debris from running through your engine without restricting oil flow. When you keep running the same dirty oil through your engine because you spent 100 bucks on an oil change, you are not doing yourself any favors. Not to mention that most oil filters are not designed to run 20,000 miles.

Regular Maintenance

360 Twin™ Motorcycle Oils were developed to be the perfect balance between good motorcycle oil and reasonable pricing. We always recommend changing your motorcycle oil and filter every 5000 miles. This ensures you are getting the best flow rates while keeping your engine clean. Our 360 Twin™ oil filters have been developed specifically for the Harley Davidson® motorcycle engines. If you have a supe- high horsepower rocket ship and you need to spend 20 bucks a quart on oil, we understand. For the rest of us, we will change our oil every 5000 miles or so.