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360 Twin™ Driver Floorboard Pad


• Replacement driver floorboard pad
• Features built-in dampeners and stylish tread pattern
• Constructed from high-quality rubber
• Sold each

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The 360 Twin™ Driver Floorboard Pad, the ultimate solution for enhancing your motorcycle’s comfort and style. This high-quality driver floorboard pad is designed with built-in dampeners and a stylish tread pattern, making it the perfect upgrade for riders who prioritize both form and function. Constructed from premium rubber, the Driver Floorboard Pad is not only durable but also offers an exceptional level of comfort and grip, ensuring a more enjoyable and secure riding experience.

One of the key features of the 360 Twin™ Driver Floorboard Pad is its built-in dampeners. These dampeners help to absorb and reduce vibrations from the motorcycle’s engine and road surface, minimizing rider fatigue and enhancing overall comfort during long journeys. By isolating the rider from these vibrations, the 360 Twin™ Driver Floorboard Pad ensures a smoother and more enjoyable ride, making it the ideal choice for both daily commutes and extended road trips.

The stylish tread pattern of the Driver Floorboard Pad is another standout feature. Designed with aesthetics in mind, this unique tread pattern not only looks great but also provides excellent traction and grip for the rider’s feet. The combination of form and function makes this floorboard pad the perfect addition to any motorcycle, giving it a distinctive appearance while also improving rider safety and control.

Constructed from high-quality rubber, the Driver Floorboard Pad is built to withstand the rigors of daily use. The durable rubber material offers excellent resistance to wear and tear, ensuring that your floorboard pad maintains its appearance and functionality over time. This long-lasting construction makes the Driver Floorboard Pad a wise investment for any motorcycle rider.

The 360 Twin™ Driver Floorboard Pad is designed for easy installation and is sold individually. This allows riders to purchase and install the pad as needed, providing a cost-effective solution for upgrading their motorcycle’s comfort and style. With its straightforward installation process, the Driver Floorboard Pad is a simple and hassle-free way to enhance your riding experience.

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