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360 Twin™ LED Taillight with License Plate Window


• High-intensity LED arrays instead of the traditional incandescent bulb
• Clear LEDs included for license illumination


The 360 Twin™ LED Taillight with License Plate Window and 360 Twin™ Chrome Domed Points Cover, a revolutionary and stylish addition to your motorcycle that offers exceptional functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our innovative LED taillight system combines cutting-edge technology with timeless design, providing superior visibility and a sleek, modern look for your motorcycle.

The LED Taillight features high-intensity LED arrays that replace the traditional incandescent bulb, delivering brighter and more efficient illumination. These powerful LEDs not only improve the visibility of your motorcycle but also enhance its overall appearance. With their long-lasting performance, you can expect reduced maintenance and replacement costs, making this a smart and cost-effective upgrade for any motorcycle enthusiast.

In addition to the impressive LED arrays, our taillight system includes clear LEDs for license plate illumination. This thoughtful design element ensures that your license plate remains visible and well-lit, even in low-light conditions. This added safety feature is essential for maintaining compliance with local regulations and promoting responsible motorcycle ownership.

The 360 Twin™ Chrome Domed Points Cover is another standout feature of our LED Taillight system. This eye-catching component boasts a sleek, polished chrome finish that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your motorcycle. The domed design offers an attractive and streamlined appearance, perfectly complementing the LED Taillight and enhancing the overall aesthetics of your motorcycle.

Our 360 Twin™ LED Taillight and Chrome Domed Points Cover are designed with ease of installation in mind. The system is compatible with a wide range of motorcycle models and comes with all necessary mounting hardware and instructions. This ensures a hassle-free installation process, allowing you to quickly and easily upgrade your motorcycle’s lighting and style.

The benefits of the 360 Twin™ LED Taillight with License Plate Window and Chrome Domed Points Cover extend beyond aesthetics and improved visibility. LED lighting consumes less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, resulting in reduced strain on your motorcycle’s electrical system. This energy efficiency ultimately contributes to improved overall performance and reliability.

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