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360 Twin™ Premium Organic Brake Pads


• High quality motorcycle brake pads made from organic materials
• Excellent stopping power with a smooth feel
• Premium Kevlar™ braking material has been added for superior performance
• Meets or exceeds O.E.M. standards


The 360 Twin™ Premium Organic Brake Pads: the ultimate choice for discerning drivers who value exceptional braking performance without the high price tag associated with popular name brand alternatives. Our mission is to provide you with a reliable and affordable braking solution that doesn’t compromise on quality or performance. By combining cutting-edge technology with top-of-the-line materials, we’ve engineered brake pads that excel in both function and durability.

Superior Compounds for Optimal Performance
The 360 Twin™ Premium Organic Brake Pads utilize a unique blend of organic materials and fibers, creating a sustainable and highly effective product. Our proprietary compounds ensure consistent braking performance and longevity, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and saving you money in the long run.

High-Quality Backing Plates for Unwavering Stability
At the core of our brake pads lies a high-quality backing plate, crafted from durable materials that deliver exceptional stability and heat dissipation. These backing plates are built to withstand the intense forces generated during braking, ensuring the friction material remains securely in place for maximum effectiveness.

Excellent Stopping Power for Smooth and Confident Braking
Our brake pads offer outstanding stopping power without the over-aggressive feel found in some competing products. This is achieved through careful material selection and meticulous engineering, providing you with a controlled and smooth braking experience that’s ideal for everyday street use.

Extended Pad Life for Enhanced Value
Thanks to our commitment to using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, the 360 Twin™ Premium Organic Brake Pads boast a longer lifespan than many competing options. This translates to fewer pad replacements and lower maintenance costs over your vehicle’s lifetime.

Minimal Dust and Noise Production
One of the primary advantages of our organic brake pads is their ability to produce minimal dust and noise. Our pads generate less dust, helping to keep your wheels cleaner for extended periods. Furthermore, the organic compounds used in our brake pads minimize noise and vibration during braking, ensuring a quieter and more enjoyable ride.

Effortless Installation Process
The 360 Twin™ Premium Organic Brake Pads are designed for a hassle-free installation experience, allowing you to efficiently replace your old brake pads. This means you can spend less time in the garage and more time appreciating the improved performance of your vehicle.

Unrivaled Value for Money
By choosing the 360 Twin™ Premium Organic Brake Pads, you’re investing in a product that delivers top-quality materials, impressive stopping power, and an extended pad life—all without an exorbitant price tag. Experience the difference for yourself and upgrade to our premium brake pads.

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