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360 Twin™ Vented Brake Rotor


• High quality vented zinc finish
• Precision ground for trueness
• For use on rear wheel
• Replaces OEM 41806-72B and 41813-79

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The 360 Twin™ Vented Brake Rotor – a high-performance motorcycle brake rotor designed to provide exceptional braking performance, reliability, and longevity in all riding conditions. Precision ground for trueness, this rotor delivers consistent, smooth braking action every time you need it. Its innovative vented design ensures proper brake cooling, helping to prevent rotor warping and ensuring that your motorcycle’s braking system remains efficient and reliable even during the most demanding rides.

One of the key features of the Vented Brake Rotor is its vented design, which consists of strategically placed holes in the rotor. These holes serve a crucial function – promoting proper brake cooling during all riding conditions. By allowing heat to escape from the rotor, the vented design helps to prevent overheating, ensuring that your brake system remains cool and efficient. This, in turn, helps to prevent rotor warping, which can lead to reduced braking performance and potential safety concerns.

The precision-ground surface of the Vented Brake Rotor ensures trueness, providing smooth, consistent braking performance. This attention to detail results in a rotor that offers excellent stopping power, reduced brake fade, and increased longevity. By choosing our high-quality rotor you can improve your motorcycle’s braking performance and enjoy greater confidence and control while on the road.

In addition to its performance benefits, the 360 Twin™ Vented Brake Rotor also adds a touch of style to your motorcycle. The vented design not only serves a practical purpose but also enhances the overall appearance of your bike. The sleek, modern look of the rotor adds a distinctive touch that sets your motorcycle apart from the rest.

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