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360 Twin™ Round Key Ignition Switch


• Chrome ignition switch features printed circuitry contacts which are more durable than the old brass posts style
• Six-position terminal fits 1936-95 Fat Bob style dashes
• Includes two round keys


The 360 Twin™ Round Key Ignition Switch is a high-quality aftermarket upgrade designed for Harley Davidson® motorcycles, specifically those with a dash-mounted switch from 1936-95 (except Dyna Wide Glide). This round key ignition switch has been meticulously updated for smooth action and dependability, ensuring an enjoyable and reliable riding experience for motorcycle enthusiasts. The kit includes two round keys and a chrome plated ignition switch cap, providing everything needed for a seamless installation and an enhanced aesthetic.

One of the key features of the Round Key Ignition Switch is its internals, which are highly resistant to vibration and corrosion. This is particularly important for motorcycle components, as they are constantly exposed to the elements and need to withstand the rigors of regular use. By utilizing corrosion-resistant materials and a robust design, this ignition switch ensures long-lasting performance and reduces the likelihood of mechanical failures or malfunctions due to environmental factors.

The late-style 6-pole terminal pattern of the 360 Twin™ Round Key Ignition Switch is easily adapted to a wide range of Harley Davidson® models with a dash-mounted switch from 1936-95 (except Dyna Wide Glide). This compatibility makes the switch a versatile and accessible choice for riders seeking an ignition switch upgrade or replacement. By catering to such an extensive range of models, the Round Key Ignition Switch is a valuable option for motorcycle owners who value dependability and performance.

In addition to its technical advantages, the Round Key Ignition Switch also offers aesthetic benefits. The chrome plated ignition switch cap included in the kit adds a touch of sophistication and style to your motorcycle, complementing its overall appearance. The two round keys provided are not only functional but also contribute to the cohesive and polished look of your bike.

Installation of the 360 Twin™ Round Key Ignition Switch is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. The kit includes all necessary components for a seamless installation process, allowing even those with limited mechanical experience to successfully upgrade their ignition switch. The simplicity of the installation process, combined with the compatibility across various Harley Davidson® models, makes this an attractive and accessible upgrade for motorcycle enthusiasts.

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