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360 Twin™ Outer Primary Cover


• Chrome finish
• Hardware included
• Replaces OEM 60543-99


The 360 Twin™ Outer Primary Cover is a premium aftermarket upgrade designed for motorcycle enthusiasts looking to replace their stock cover with a high-quality, durable, and visually appealing alternative. Finished in chrome, this meticulously crafted primary cover offers enhanced performance, protection, and style for your motorcycle, making it an exceptional choice for riders seeking the perfect balance between form and function.

Constructed from top-quality materials and finished in a stunning chrome, the 360 Twin™ Outer Primary Cover is designed to withstand all the rigors of daily riding and provide long lasting durability. The solid construction, attention to detail, and eye-catching chrome finish ensure that this cover not only functions flawlessly but also looks great on your motorcycle, adding a touch of sophistication and refinement to your ride.

One of the standout features of the 360 Twin™ Outer Primary Cover is its compatibility with your existing stock cover. This means that you can effortlessly replace your original cover without the need for any modifications or additional hardware. The seamless integration with your motorcycle’s setup ensures that all components work together harmoniously for optimal performance and aesthetics.

In addition to its practical benefits, the 360 Twin™ Outer Primary Cover also offers customizable options for riders. The sleek, chrome-finished design allows you to personalize your motorcycle’s appearance and showcase your unique style. This versatile and visually appealing cover is the perfect addition for riders looking to elevate their motorcycle’s aesthetics while still enjoying reliable performance and protection.

Upgrade your motorcycle’s outer primary cover with the chrome-finished outer primary cover and experience the difference in both aesthetics and performance. Enhance the appearance of your motorcycle while enjoying the confidence that comes with a robust and durable cover, and elevate your motorcycle’s potential for a more enjoyable and stylish ride.

This outer primary cover is a replacement for part OEM 60543-99

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