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360 Twin™ 11″ Chrome Shock Absorbers


• A great replacement for those worn out stock shock absorbers
• Full chrome covers
• Long-wearing, hard-chromed piston shafts
• Spring preload is adjustable using standard shock tools
• Cams are heat-treated and lock into place with a double-lock retaining collar
• Sold in pairs

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The 360 Twin™ 11″ Chrome Shock Absorbers, the perfect solution for riders who want to upgrade their motorcycle’s suspension without breaking the bank. These high-quality, yet affordable shock absorbers are designed to enhance your riding experience and provide a smoother, more controlled ride. With their sleek chrome finish and easy installation, these shocks are the perfect choice for riders who prioritize both performance and style.

Key Features:

High-Quality Construction: The 360 Twin™ Shock Absorbers are made from premium materials, ensuring durability and reliability. The robust construction can withstand the rigors of daily riding, making them a long-lasting investment for your motorcycle.

Easy Installation: The 360 Twin™ Shocks are designed for hassle-free installation, making it simple for even novice riders to upgrade their suspension. The shocks come with all necessary hardware allowing you to get back on the road in no time.

Three-Position Adjustment: The 360 Twin™ Shocks feature a three-position adjustment system that allows you to customize the level of damping to suit your riding style and preferences. Choose from soft, medium, or firm settings to find the perfect balance between comfort and control.

Full Chrome Covers: The 360 Twin™ Shock Absorbers come with full chrome covers that not only provide a stylish, polished appearance but also protect the shocks from dirt, debris, and harsh weather conditions. This ensures that your shocks maintain their performance and visual appeal for years to come.

Sold in Pairs: The 360 Twin™ Shocks are sold in pairs, ensuring that you get a complete suspension upgrade for your motorcycle. This means you can enjoy a balanced, smooth ride on both the front and rear of your bike.

Improved Ride Quality: By upgrading to the 360 Twin™ Shock Absorbers, you can expect improved ride quality, reduced vibrations, and better handling. The advanced damping technology and customizable settings allow you to experience greater comfort and control, no matter the road conditions.

Universal Compatibility: The 360 Twin™ Shocks are designed to fit a wide range of motorcycles, making them an ideal choice for riders of various makes and models. Be sure to check your motorcycle’s specifications to ensure proper fitment before purchasing.

Affordable Solution: The 360 Twin™ Shock Absorbers offer an affordable alternative to high-end suspension systems. With their impressive performance, easy installation, and attractive price point, these shocks are perfect for riders who want to enhance their ride without overspending.

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